Shadurvan Tea house

In Azerbaijan where the tea drinking is a widely spread tradition, tea is considered to be a symbol of hospitality and respect for guests. Azerbaijanis believe that tea disposes to conversation and informal communication. SHADURVAN is a place where you plunge into the luxury of East and enjoy the real feast of tea drinking. The elegant interior evokes the sense of reality of the tale “The Arabian Nights”.

To accompany tea you will get local sweeties, such as a Tea House variety of halvah, baklava, turkish delight, shekerchurek and many other sweeties, which constitute the fame of any oriental cuisine. Here one can easily find everything that is necessary for real, unhurried and relaxing rest. The best kalian in the city, the firstclass service and a serene mood, which gently enwrap every guest just from the threshold, will be harmoniously added to your rest.