Monolit Beton

Monolit Beton was founded in order to provide the high effectiveness of the activity of construction organizations that form MEGA Holding. It is known that the availability of raw material base is always a reliable support for the producing sphere. However, today Monolit Beton satisfies the demands for the construction concrete not only of companies forming the holding but also other organizations with which Monolit Beton has cooperated with for many years. There are mixers with a capacity of 7 and 4 cubic meters, as well as a pump supplying concrete for a distance of 22 and 37 meters based on the technique at the disposal of Kamaz plant. The output of the concrete plant of the holding reached 125 cubic meters per hour today. The Institute of construction materials repeatedly confirmed the high quality of the concrete. The emphasis placed on the quality of products, guarantees the stability in the conditions of high competition to the plant. Base construction material that is in permanent demand is supplied to the construction yards in any part of the city thanks to the availability of the system of maintenance and transportation resources. The tactics of presence enlargement in the regions and the potential of the Ganja zone are required to found the base of construction materials here. As a result, Monolit Beton opened its branch in Ganja in 2005 – concrete junction Kapyaz the productivity of which totals 40 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Additionally, the companies that form the holding, the branch also supplies concrete to other construction companies.