Genclik Residential Building

Ganjlik – is one of the most beautiful and promising areas of Baku with its beautiful architecture and developed infrastructure. The construction of the 20-stored apartment of residential complex began in May, 2013. The building will be in the modern style, however all the design and architectural works were performed by domestic experts. The complex will have spacious and bright apartments, and it is considered to build double storeyed parking for car owners. Now the concrete-construction works are being completed, and in June, 2015 the project will be fully completed and new residential complex will be solemnly put into operation. The architectural buildings and facilities are now under restoration, and the construction of spacious shopping mall on the opposite site of Tofig Bahramov Stadium is ongoing. The area can boast with its green plantings and parks, where it is possible to relax, enjoy with the beauty of the nature and breathe pure fresh air. The playgrounds and sport fields for the children will be constructed in front of the residential complex, so children can have fun near the house and spend time with friends. The complex is located near the Koala park for the children with its multiple attractions and entertainments for the whole family. Actually, the region can be recognised as close ecosystem, due its facilities provided for the comfortable and happy life. Along with this, the transport system of the area is well-developed, so it is possible to get quickly to any point of the city.