Cotteges in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered to be the largest state of Arabia. There is a great possibility in this country for successful development of business related to estate facilities. The country has a reliable and stable economic climate as well as a large domestic market. Saudi Arabia is fairly far from ideal tourist image but it attracts a great number of holiday-makers due to the location of main Muslim shrines Mecca and Medina on its territory. Every year this country is crowded by thousands of pilgrims who go for hajj – a ritual, which is the main life dream of all Muslims. It is no wonder that the market of real estate facilities of Saudi Arabia is extremely popular. Within the framework of the investment project, DDLAR Group designed and constructed 2- and 3-story cottages in Saudi Arabia. The construction of 96 comfortable cottages was carried out in accordance with the world standards of quality and with due consideration of local landscape.