Concrete Plant

Monolit Beton was established for ensuring highly efficient activities of construction organizations comprising DDLAR Group. However, today Monolit Beton meets the structural concrete demands not only of the companies comprising Holding, but of other construction organizations, with which Monolit Beton cooperates for more than one year. KAMAZ machinery on the plant budget includes mixers with a capacity of 7 and 12 cubic meters and pomp for pumping concrete to a distance of 22 and 37 meters. Today the capacity of the concrete plant of Holding achieves 125 m3 per hour. The high quality of concrete has been time and again confirmed by the Institute of Building Materials.


The accent on product’s quality guarantees stability for the plant in highly competitive environment. As Monolit Beton has available its own maintenance system and transport resources, the base building material is promptly delivered to construction sites in any part of the city.