Completed Projects

DDLAR Group have designed and constructed a number of Olympic complexes on the territory of Azerbaijan.

For construction of the residential complex GREEN PALACE, DDLAR Group chose a comfortable, quiet, environmentally sound area of the city adjoining to “Gyanjlik” metro station.

To those who prefer the active life and rest, space and comfort, modern houses and flats

The building was designed with observance of all norms and standards, such as seismic structure, damp-proofing of the foundation and of the whole building, drainage and firefighting systems and etc.

The project authors decided to locate the residential complex IZMIR in one of the central areas of the capital

Criteria of quality and attention to the components of a residence under construction have for the first time been expressed in the project of the first self-sufficient residential complex meeting the up-to-date accommodation requirements.

The residential complex GULUSTAN is located in the center of the capital at 251А D. Aliyeva Street. T

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