About Us

In 1999, the Company started its activity as a small construction firm “INSHAATCI” but soon gained clients’ and partners’ confidence and grew into DDLAR Group. Today the Group comprises of the companies dealing with the construction and related services, architectural planning, interior design, concrete manufacture and etc. The consolidation of all these associated companies makes possible for the Group to conduct a harmonized business policy, which results in gaining additional economic effects. Now we are successfully constructing residential complexes of Premium and De Luxe class in the best areas of the city, and we are also engaged in development of projects that win admiration not only in our country but abroad as well. The construction and operation of residential complexes requires from the employees a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Therefore, DDLAR Group works on “all per customer” basis and carries out the cycle of works from the architectural – engineering design and construction of facilities to their sale and further administration. The integrated approach to projects’ realization guarantees high quality and respect for end consumer’s interests. Over the years of its existence DDLAR Group has gained the image of a responsible builder. The earnest attitude of the Company to its commitments ensured the high level confidence of customers in the Company. We are building on the basis of today’s requirements to and a conception of how Baku must currently look like, taking into account specifics, landscape and local color (flavor) of our city. Creation of an atmosphere of benevolence and devotion to common business provides a basis for our corporate ethics. Mutual understanding, optimism and initiative are valid instruments, the mastery in using of which we daily improve. DDLAR Group places stakes on future but reasonably assesses the present.